zondag 25 juni 2017

AVRO's Kinderkoor olv Jacob Hamel - Kleppermarsch (1933) (Odeon A 164991 b mtx 148105) (78rpm)

Het Kinderkoor Jacob Hamel (voorheen AVRO's kinderkoor) was een Nederlands kinderkoor verbonden aan de radio-omroep AVRO.

In 1929 werd het AVRO's kinderkoor opgericht onder leiding van Jacob Hamel (1883-1943). Elke dinsdag rond 17.00 uur was er een uitzending van het kinderkoor op de radio. Er verschenen boekjes en lp's met liedjes die door het koor werden gezongen. In mei 1940, meteen na de Duitse bezetting, werd de joodse Jacob Hamel ontslagen. Tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog werd Hamel omgebracht in Sobibór.
Na de oorlog werd het kinderkoor in 1946 voortgezet en vernoemd naar Hamel. Dirigent was vanaf dat jaar Herman Broekhuizen. Tot in de jaren 80 verschenen er vele singles en lp's met kinderliedjes onder zijn leiding. Ook presentatrice Linda de Mol was lid van het kinderkoor.
De platen bevatten traditionele kinderliedjes, maar ook kinderliedjes van de hand van Herman Broekhuizen. Verschillende daarvan zijn zo bekend geworden, dat ze vaak ten onrechte als traditionele kinderliedjes worden beschouwd (een overzicht met liedjes van zijn hand is te vinden onder Herman Broekhuizen).
AVRO's Kinderkoor olv Jacob Hamel - Kleppermarsch


Tino Rossi & Orchestre Pierre Shagnon - Adieu Hawaii (1935) (Columbia DF 1730 mtx CL 5324) (78rpm)

Constantin "Tino" Rossi (29 April 1907 – 26 September 1983) was a Corsican French singer and film actor.
Rossi, born in Ajaccio, Corsica, was gifted with a voice well suited for opera. He became a tenor in the French cabaret-style. Later, he appeared in various movies. During his career he recorded hundreds of songs and he appeared in more than 25 films, the most notable of which was the 1953 production, Si Versailles m'était conté directed by Sacha Guitry. His romantic ballads had especially women swooning and his art-songs by Jules Massenet (1842–1912), Reynaldo Hahn (1875–1947), and other composers, sold out theaters wherever he performed.

He remains the only French singer to have sold more than 700 million records.
Tino Rossi & Orchestre Pierre Shagnon - Adieu Hawaii


Colonial Club Orchestra & Eddy Thomas - Moonlight on the lagoon (1928) (Brunswick A 7789 mtx 3946 B) (78rpm)

Bob Haring (1896-?) was an American popular music bandleader of the 1920s and early 1930s.

Haring began recording as the music director of the then-new Cameo Records label beginning in 1922 under a plethora of pseudonyms, such as The Caroliners, The Lincoln Dance Orchestra, The Society Night Club Orchestra, King Solomon and His Miners, etc. (Cameo was one of the primary 'dime store' labels in the 1920s and Haring's sessions there were also issued on Plaza/ARC's other labels, including Romeo, Perfect, Oriole and others.)

In 1925, Haring signed a contract with Brunswick Records. His best recordings were issued on the Brunswick label, one of the three major recordings labels in the 1920s. His first commercial recording for Brunswick was made on May 16, 1925 as the leader of the Regent Club Orchestra. The Regent Club Orchestra focused on playing waltzes. It was at this time that Haring that lush song for which he became famous in the late 1920s. Due to the popularity of his recordings, Haring became the leader of The Colonial Club Orchestra in May 1926. This orchestra that focused on fox-trot dance music played in an elegant style with the occasional tango and waltz. Later that year, in July 1926, Haring appeared on the label for the first time under his own name as Bob Haring & His Orchestra. In all of these recordings, Haring emphasized a classy society sound by extensively using string instruments, such as violins, to carry the melody. This is especially evident in his elegant waltz recordings, mostly issued as The Regent Club Orchestra.

His recordings with The Colonial Club Orchestra and The Regent Club Orchestra for Brunswick were his most popular in terms of sales.
Colonial Club Orchestra & Eddy Thomas - Moonlight on the lagoon





Three Jacksons - Si vous l'aviez compris (1955) (Philips P 17526 H mtx AA 17526.1 H) (78rpm)

The Three Jacksons was een bekend Nederlands accordeontrio. Vanaf de oprichting in 1940 bestond de groep uit de beroepsmuzikanten Harry van der Velde (tevens zakelijke leider) (1908-1977), Piet van Gorp (1915-2008) en Piet Koopmans (1917-1971). Na het overlijden van laatstgenoemde maakte Jaap Valkhoff (1910-1992) tot de opheffing in 1977 deel uit van het trio. De naam The Three Jacksons was gekozen vanwege hun bewondering voor bokser Joe Jackson. De naam Jackson sprak in die tijd namelijk tot de verbeelding van een groot publiek.

Three Jacksons - Si vous l'aviez compris

zondag 18 juni 2017

Primo Scala & His Banjo & Accordeonband & The Keynotes - Powder you face with sunshine (Decca M 32622 DR 12908) (78rpm)

Henry Bidgood (1898 – November 15, 1957) known as "Harry" was an English composer, dance band leader and musical director for films.
Born in London, he studied at The Royal College of Music.

 Bidgood released dance band music under various names, mostly notably Primo Scala and his Accordion Band. Over the course of 20 years he would frequently broadcast on the BBC. Bidgood was also the musical director for numerous films including several George Formby films.Apart from the many recordings made under his own name, he also recorded as 'Rossini' and 'Don Porto'. As 'Primo Scala' he broadcast regularly on 'Music While You Work' until just before his death in November 1957

Primo Scala & His Banjo & Accordeonband & The Keynotes - Powder you face with sunshine

vrijdag 16 juni 2017

Zondag 17 juni Vaderdag / Sunday june 17th it's Father's day

Aileen Stanley & Billy Murray & American Quartet - Stand up and sing for your father an old time tune (September 1921) (Victor 18784 A) (78rpm)

Aileen Stanley & Billy Murray & American Quartet - Stand up and sing for your father an old time tune

woensdag 14 juni 2017

Winifred Atwell - Let's have another party Part 1 (1954) (Philips P.B.268 B26154H mtx AA 26154.1 H) (78rpm)

"Let's Have Another Party" was a 1954 ragtime composition, which became a number one hit in the UK Singles Chart for the pianist Winifred Atwell. It is a composite of several pieces of music, and was a follow up to Atwell's successful hit "Let's Have a Party" of the previous year.

The music was written by Nat D. Ayer, Clifford Grey, James W. Tate, Ray Henderson, Mort Dixon and others. It was produced by Johnny Franz and first entered the UK chart on 26 November 1954 for an eight-week run, spending five of those weeks at number one.

The medley included parts of the following tunes:

"Another Little Drink Wouldn't Do Us Any Harm"
"Broken Doll"
"Bye Bye Blackbird"
"Honeysuckle and the Bee"
"I Wonder Where My Baby is Tonight"
"Lily of Laguna"
"Nellie Dean"
"The Sheik of Araby"
"Somebody Stole My Gal"
"When the Red, Red Robin (Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along)"

Atwell was the first black person to have a number one hit in the UK.

Winifred Atwell - Let's have another party Part 1